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For a Better Future

The education system has been beleaguered for years and now it's starting to fray. The education of our children has an intrinsic value to the future of America and is our greatest resource. There are as many different styles of learning as there are students to be taught. Diversity in education is essential and cannot be achieved by federal mandates requiring all students be educated identically. We should encourage variety in education, including home schooling, co-ops, and charter schools.
By giving the same amount of money to every school regardless of their status as a public or charter school parents would be allowed to choose a school that best fits their family’s educational needs. Schools and parents enter a partnership to help raise the next generation of Coloradans. The traditional education system is not for every child. By allowing parents to choose what school fits the needs of their children, we can customize education to fit our ever-changing social landscape and meet the needs of every student. By funneling funds away from Federal and State administration, more dollars can reach the classrooms and impact learning. A true market in education is one in which parents and students are not stuck with a bad local school because they could choose another.
In 2022 Colorado budgeted $7.2 billion for education—the resources are there, they just need to be distributed in a more efficient way to meet the needs of Colorado’s students.
The PPS or dollar amount for each student is $7000.00 each year. Little of this money reaches the teachers or students as administration costs keep rising.
The yearly revenues of the top 3 textbook companies are more than three billion dollars ($3,000,000,000.00). With every new educational mandate, books must be rewritten and printed.
Education lobbyists spend over eighty-six million dollars ($86,000,000.00) a year. Our educational system is losing its best teachers because the fracturing nature of special interest groups is about profit, not educating future generations.
Let’s take the politics out of education. Politicians have been using education departments to further their own political agenda and further separate a divided nation. Examples include the Critical Race Theory (CRT), which very few people understand, Florida’s House Bill 1557, and the Don’t Say Gay bill. CRT was started in the early 1970’s to investigate the impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1965—that’s it! Don’t Say Gay prevents teaching about sexuality to kids from the ages of 5-9 years old and grades K-3. Sex Ed. has never been taught to students that young, so why are we talking about it now, except to stoke political dissidence?

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