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Kevin Ruskusky is the youngest of three and grew up in Boulder. He has lived in the Denver metro area since 1985 with his dog, Rusty.

Kevin graduated from Boulder High, and received his BA in History from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. He then went on to receive his Education degree from Regis University.

Kevin began his career as an Elementary School teacher to Kindergarten through 4th grade students. More recently, he taught History and U.S. Government to 7th through 12th grade students and currently teaches high schoolers about U.S. History and Government at Colorado Early Colleges Charter School and Yeshiva Torahs Chaim.

Reading is Kevin's favorite pastime. His favorite topics include History, Biographies, and time-period reformation in Europe, Ancient Greece, Persia, and Colonial America.

As a Libertarian, Kevin supports freedom of religion and does not believe the government should try to legislate morality beyond, “Don’t hurt people, don’t take their things, and take responsibility for your own actions.” Kevin is part of several religious communities and maintains a conscious contact with God.

Kevin is running for Governor to be of maximum service to the place that he loves—Colorado. He wishes to protect and steward the next generation through better education, ensuring energy independence through renewal and nuclear power, and securing water rights through environmental stewardship.

He will stand firm in defending our constitutional rights, most especially our 1st amendment rights. Freedom to assembly, speech, and religion are close to his heart.

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